What is the programme about?

The DCIT Internship Programme is an initiative of the Department of Computing and Information Technology (DCIT) to bridge the gap between students’ academic knowledge and practical experience in the ICT industry within the Caribbean. The programme enables students to gain practical experience and develop soft skills while providing ICT products and solutions to partner institutions.


medium_profile_darcelle_1.jpgDarcelle Modeste

"Internships should not simply be about earning money for the vacation. The DCIT internship is designed to help you find purpose and achieve fulfilment. In my experience, the greatest benefit is to explore and even forge your career path. You are given the autonomy to create real world solutions and achieve great self-development in the process. It is indeed a learning opportunity you will not want to pass up."


Rhequimo Leslie

"The internship programme provided me with an invaluable opportunity to understand the world of work and to use my knowledge and apply it real business problems, upon returning to school I had a new appreciation for all the work I was doing as I knew what I practiced would be what I would perfect. I thank the internship programme for improving my work ethic."

medium_profile_tevin.jpeg    Tevin Achong

The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe my internship experience is "fulfilling". Being a student, it helped me to gain a greater appreciation for the skills and techniques I learnt during class, as I was afforded the opportunity to apply them in real-world situations to solve real-world problems.


medium_Da-Vanna Adams photo.jpgDavana Adams

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced-John Keats.

The DCIT Internship Programme provided the much-needed head start to achieve my future career goals.

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