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DCIT DCB Registration 2020

Steps to enrollment

  1. Fill out the online registration form and click on submit. Please ensure that you receive a confirmation message stating that your registration has been successfully submitted.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email or phone call by August 3rd 2020.
  3. Payment details and other camp information will be provided in the confirmation email.

Please note: Payments to the bursary is not possible until further notice.

Enrollment Form

Please click here for the Enrollment Form.


Bank Information

Please see the bank details below for the payment via Republic Bank:

Bank Name:          Republic Bank Limited
Bank Address:      UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad
Account# :            160 284 614 001
Account Name:    The University of the West Indies      
Reason For Payment     
Please note that people who bank with Republic can do a direct transfer to The UWI account.


If you wish to set up an online payment option on Touchet to facilitate credit card payments then you need to provide a brief description of the program and  the necessary account information for the funds to be allocated to.



For further questions call +1 (868) 740-6013 or email at 


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