Dr Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal

Instructor in Zoology

J. Sewlal
Contact Information

Department of Life Sciences
The University of The West Indies
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Natural Sciences Building

Tel: 1(868) 648 2413
Fax: 1(868) 663-5241


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Website: http://www.caribbeanspiders.com/index.htm

  • Ph.D. (Zoology) University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (2013).
  • M.Phil. (Zoology) University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (2005).
  • B.Sc. (Zoology) University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (2002).
  • CARPIMS (Caribbean-Pacific Island Mobility Scheme) Scholarship (2014).
  • NIHERST Excellence in Science and Technology– Frank Rampersad Junior Scientist (1st recipient) (2012).
  • CAS-TWAS Young Scientist Award (2010).
  • UWI Postgraduate Scholarship (Ph.D.) (2007-2009).
  • Royal Entomological Society Student Award – 2nd prize (2007).
Research Interests: 
  • Documenting the spider fauna of the Caribbean in relation to their ecosystems.
  • Taxonomy.
  • Nest structure and behaviour of social wasps.
Selected Bibliography:
  • Sewlal, J.N. and Hailey, A. (2014). Sampling tropical spiders: Estimating the biodiversity of the orb-weaving families Araneidae, Nephilidae and Tetragnathidae in natural and disturbed habitats in Trinidad, West Indies. Tropical Ecology. 55(1): 109-117.
  • Sewlal, J.N. (2010). Checklist of Three Orb-Weaving Spider Families (Araneae: Araneidae, Nephilidae and Tetragnathidae) of Trinidad. Living World, J. Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club. 2010:67-77.
  • Sewlal, J.N. (2009). Ecological Studies of Web-Building Spiders: Studies of Four Tropical Species. VDM Publishing House Ltd. ISBN 978-3-639-20914-3.
  • Sewlal, J.N. & Starr, C.K. (2009). Observations of the insect Arachnocoris trinitatus (Heteroptera: Nabidae) as an inquiline of the spider Coryssocnemis simla (Araneae: Pholcidae) in West Indies. Zoosystematica Rossica. 18(1):59-61.
  • Kuznetsova, V.G., Grozeva, Sewlal, J.N. & Nokkala, S. (2007). Karyotype and male reproductive system in Arachnocoris trinitatus Bergroth. First data on the tribe Arachnocorini (Heteroptera: Nabidae: Nabinae). Folia Biologica (Kraków). 55(1-2):17-25.          
  • Hayes, F. E. & Sewlal, J.N. (2004). The Amazon River as a dispersal barrier to passerine birds: effects of river width, habitat and taxonomy. Journal of Biogeography 31:1809-1818. 


Revised: 8 December 2014