Welcome to the Faculty of Science & Technology Pre-Science (N1) Orientation!

The purpose of this orientation is to ensure students are well prepared to tackle all steps of your N1 Programme. This orientation also wishes to answer all your questions and help you navigate your journey through UWI.

What does this Orientation cover?

In the first episode, the Programme Coordinator, Ms Afiya Jules guides you through all the important dates, steps and tips necessary for completing your N1 Programme.
In the second episode, you get to meet your course lectures. Pay close attention to the lecturers for your courses.
Don’t forget to sit tight for your third episode. In this episode, Dr Pingal guides you on how to access, navigate and interpret your timetable.
We’re not done. We know you may have some questions after completing your orientation and as such we want to give you a moment to shine. Click here to submit your question.
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