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Services Offered


All registered students have access to this facility as well as faculty and staff members who have acute emergencies occurring during working hours and those sustaining work related injuries or illnesses.


Walk-in Clinic

The walk-in clinic of the Health Service Unit is for same day care of recent  onset medical problems. The clinic functions on a first come, first serve basis unless for urgent care cases. When you walk into the front desk area, provide your validated student identification card to the clerk. If it is your first visit to the Health Service Unit, a chart would be made for you. From the waiting room a clinic nurse will call you in. Your blood pressure, temperature, height, weight and urine will be noted in your chart and the nurse will ask you the reason for your visit. At this point the nurse may either handle your problem in the clinic area or ask you to sit and wait to see the medical doctor.

If your schedule is busy and are unable to wait or if you have a complicated medical problem, you may contact us to make an appointment at 662-2002 ext 2153.

Nursing Services

The nursing services staff includes professional registered nurses and a nursing assistant who the provide the following comprehensive range of services:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Vision screening testing
  • Blood sugar measurements
  • Blood Cholesterol measurements
  • Cervical smears (pap smears)
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Contraceptive advice
  • Vaccinations
  • Wound care and bandaging
  • Uncompleted ear syringing
  • General advice and support
  • Immunization

  • This clinic functions by appointment only and is conducted on the first Thursday of every month. All mmunizations are free except the chicken pox vaccine.
    The following vaccines are available:
  • Diphtheria tetanus adult DT
  • Hepatitis B
  • Mumps Measles Rubella (MMR)
  • Yellow Fever

Chronic Disease Clinic

Students with chronic ongoing illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, obesity, epilepsy, etc can access this clinic by appointment. Referrals are made to specific health care professionals as needed. Also students with chronic diseases may enquire about special facilities for writing examinations.

Sexual Health Clinic

We offer a sexual health service involving male and female sexual health education, as well as pap smears, clinical breasts examinations, contraceptive counseling, information and prescriptions, in addition to counseling, testing and treatment on exually transmitted diseases.