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Amy Jacques Garvey born in 1895 was a Jamaican writer, poet and civil rights leader for Black and women's liberation. She moved to Harlem in 1917 where she met Marcus Garvey. She became involved with editing and publishing the Negro World newspaper. Jacques addressed feminist issues in a page called “Our Women and What They Think.” She became the second wife of Marcus Garvey in 1922. Amy Jacques Garvey helped in most aspects of Marcus Garvey's businesses. She educated people about Black consciousness, self-help and economic independence. It is said that due to her dedication to promoting Marcus Garvey's work the term Garveyism should also be applied to her. She was mainly responsible for continuing Marcus Garvey's legacy by editing and the publication of three volumes ofThe Philosophy and Opinions of marcus Garvey. During the 1940s she was the contributing editor to the journal The African which was published in Harlem. In 1944 she wrote “A Memorandum Correlative of Africa, West Indies and the Americas” which she sent to representatives of the United Nations urging them to adopt an African Freedom Charter. She died in 1973.

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Amy Jacques Garvey with bust of Marcus Garvey