Andaiye has for several decades been active in the public life of her country, Guyana. She was a founding member of the Working People’s Alliance in 1978/79, where she worked as Coordinator and Editor, International Secretary and Women's Secretary, until 2000. From 1987 - 1992 she worked with the Women and Development Unit of the University of the West Indies (WAND), and from 1987-1996 with CARICOM, where she was a resource person during preparations for the 1995 Beijing Conference. She played a leading role in the move towards measuring unwaged work. She was also an executive member of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action (CAFRA). Andaiye is one of the founders of Red Thread, a 23 year old women's organization whose focus is the needs and interests of grassroots women. She has worked since 2000 as one of its Coordinators, focusing particularly on relations with other groups in the Global Women's Strike (GWS). Andaiye is also a member of Women of Colour in the GWS and the International Women Count Network. She has published several scholarly essays, written newspaper columns and edited and/or copy-edited Walter's Rodney's last books. A cancer survivor, Andaiye was one of the founders of the Guyana Cancer Society and the Cancer Survivors’ Action Group. She is the recipient of a number awards, including the Arrow of Achievement in Guyana, for her work with women.