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Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought:

Beyond Gender Negotiations

Organized by the Institute for Gender and Development Studies

The UWI, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago




Two-Day Symposium   |   November 5–6, 2015

LOCATION: Faculty of Science and Technology Board Room (next door to the IGDS)

Directions to the IGDS.


icf-bgn_coverAttendance by registration only.


Registration deadline:
November 1, 2015.


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Indo-Caribbean Feminisms: A Literary Evening

featuring readings by writers, in order of appearance

Aurora Herrera  |  Kevin Jared Hosein 

Shivanee Ramlochan  |   Ramabai Espinet

Friday, November 6th  |  7.30 – 10:00 p.m.
‘Big Black Box’, Murray Street, just off Ariapita Avenu, Port of Spain
Door 40.00 TTD  |   Refreshments |   Cash barICFT-Literary



Aims of the Symposium


Targeted at scholars and students of Caribbean and Indo-Caribbean gender relations and feminisms, the symposium aims to:

  • Critically examine more than thirty years of Indo-Caribbean feminist thought as an intellectual trajectory within Caribbean feminist scholarship
  • Assess the usefulness of shifting analyses from gender negotiations to feminist navigations, taking into account the diffusion of regional, diasporic and transnational second and third wave feminisms
  • Interrogate and contribute to the conceptual terrain offered by an Indo-Caribbean feminist epistemological tradition
  • Engage a politics of knowledge production that claims Indianness as multiple, ambiguous, ambivalent and mixed
  • Explore the relationship among Indo-Caribbean feminist theory, scholarly writing and a praxis of postcolonial solidarity
  • Strengthen a diasporic research network for the study of Indo-Caribbean women, gender negotiations and feminisms
  • Mentor new collaborative scholarship


SPEAKERS include

  • Anita Baksh – City University of New York
  • Rawwida Baksh – International Gender Consultant
  • Sue Ann Barratt – UWI St Augustine
  • Tuli Chatterji – Sacred Heart University
  • Ramabai Espinet – University of Toronto
  • Krystal Ghisyawan – UWI St Augustine
  • Andil Gosine – York University
  • Gabrielle Hosein – UWI St Augustine
  • Stephanie L Jackson – CUNY Graduate Centre
  • Rosanne Kanhai – Independent Scholar
  • Patricia Mohammed – UWI St Augustine
  • Michael Niblett – University of Warwick
  • Angelique V Nixon – UWI St Augustine
  • Lisa Outar – Independent Scholar
  • Kaneesha C Parsard – Yale University
  • Shalini Puri – University of Pittsburgh
  • Sheila Rampersad – Women Working for Social Progress
  • Rhoda Reddock – UWI St Augustine
  • Kavita Singh – University of Houston
  • Preeia Surajbali – University of Toronto

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Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
Waking in the Lotus Room, 2015
Commissioned for the Symposium