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ieTV  One on One Interviews

with Vernon Ramesar

one on one one on one
Dr. Angelique V. Nixon

Lecturer, IGDS
On her recently published book Resisting Paradise
November 2015
Dr. Gabrielle Hosein

Lecturer, IGDS
On Masculinities and Caribbean Feminisms
Part 2
November 2015
Dr. Gabrielle Hosein

Lecturer, IGDS
On Caribbean Feminisms
Part 1
November 2015
sue ann ooo feb 2014
Dr. Sue Ann Barratt

Instructor III, IGDS
On the paradox of
femininity in T&T carnival
February 2015
ghosein ooo jan2015
Dr. Gabrielle Hosein

Lecturer, IGDS
On domestic violence
January 2015
jrawlins ooo jan2015
Dr. Joan Rawlins

Medical Sociologist
Former Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medical Sciences
On Ageing in the Caribbean
January 2015
Dr. Angelique V. Nixon

Fulbright Scholar
On Cyber Activism, Social Networking and LGBT Organizing.
September 2014
Amilcar Sanatan
Research Assistant, IGDS
On men and domestic violence
April 2014
Sommer Hunte

Acting Outreach Officer
On women and political power (recent public forum)
January 2014
sleitch ooo nov 2013
Stephanie Leitch

Graduate Student and Tutor
On the IGDS 20th Anniversary Conference
November 2013
Prof. Verene Shepherd
University Director, IGDS
Regional Coordinating Unit
The UWI, Mona Campus
On the layered work of the IGDS across the region.
June 2013
cthomas ooo nov 2011
Dr. Charleston Thomas

Assistant Lecturer, IGDS
On issues surrounding the airing of a video of an alleged rape of a minor.
November 2011
Jeanne Roach-Baptiste

Instructor, IGDS
On race and gender
April 2010


Updated January 2016