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Gabrielle Hosein

Head of Department and Lecturer,

Associate Editor, CRGS

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“In academia, you produce and contribute to knowledge, raise consciousness and change how people see the world.”



Gabrielle Jamela Hosein has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto, an M.Phil in Gender and Development Studies from The University of the West Indies, and a Ph.D in Anthropology from University College London. Her current research areas are politics and governance, Caribbean feminisms, Indo-Caribbean feminist theorizing, and sexualities. She is a Lecturer and Head of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, has been involved in Caribbean feminist movement building for two decades. She also writes a weekly column, Diary of a Mothering Worker, for the Trinidad Guardian.



Courses taught

GEND 1103: Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge

GEND 2013: Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean

GEND 6106, 7106, 8106: Research Design and Methods (Selected Lectures)

GEND 6105, 7105, 8105: Key Issues in Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean (Selected Lectures)

GEND 6100, 7100, 8101: Contemporary Feminist Theorizing

GEND 6103, 7102, 8102: Gender Analysis for Development Policy and Planning

GEND 6102, 7101, 8101: Feminist Epistemology and Methodology

GEND 6104, 7103, 8103: Sexualities, Bodies and Power


Graduate students supervising:

Shelley-Ann Hart (MSc IGDS UWI); Amilcar Sanatan (MPhil IGDS UWI); Sarah Nabbie (MPhil IGDS UWI); Angelica Rodriguez Bencosme (PhD IGDS UWI); Merisa Thompson (PhD UWI);


Completed supervising:

Mahabir, Natasha; Mowlah Baksh, Sabrina; Ragbir, Anusha; Gilbert,Nicholas; Ghisyawan, Krystal; Ali, Catherine (Ph.D IGDS), Navigating Empowerment in Mediation and Restorative Justice in Trinidad; Attai, Nikolai (M.Phil, Cultural Studies), Trans T & T: An Interrogation of Transgender Lives and Communities in Trinidad and Tobago.



Areas of Specialization
Governance and Politics
Indo-Caribbean Feminisms

St. Augustine Campus Research Programme

Associate Editor, Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (part of the Making of Caribbean Feminisms research project).

Principle Investigator, Politics, Power and Gender Justice in the Anglophone Caribbean, 2011-2014

Member of the research team for the project Building Responsive Policy: Gender, Sexual Cultures and HIV & AIDS in the Caribbean, 2008-2011



On Caribbean Feminisms and Masculinities
Part 1
and Part 2
Nov 2015
On Domestic Violence

January 2015
International Women's Day
Mayaro, 2014
TEDx PoS 2013
‘If I were Prime Minister:
Ending Sexism and Homophobia’

TEDx UWI 2010
A Revolution is a Way of Life"
Drawing on a history of Caribbean struggles for justice, Gabrielle Jamela Hosein inspires us all to believe that change is always possible, shows how it can happen in small, everyday ways and reminds us that feminisms have always been and still remain a part of the long revolution, February 2010

Personal Blogs, websites and related links

Diary of A Mothering Worker weekly column in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian.

Diary of A Mothering Worker

Gabrielle Hosein You Tube Channel




Hosein, Gabrielle, Everyday Authority in Trinidadian Public Life (forthcoming)


Edited Collections

Hosein, G and Outar, L, Beyond Gender Negotiations: Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought, submitted to Palgrave (forthcoming)

Hosein, G, and Parpart, J, (Eds), Negotiating Gender, Policy and Politics in the Caribbean: Feminist Strategies, Masculinist Resistances and the Possibilities for Transformation, Rowland and Littlefield (forthcoming)



Speak Out!: Feminist Activism from Behind the Scenes, 2008, CRGS 2008


Selected academic publications (page under construction)



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