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Graduate Programmes

The Institute offers a range of interdisciplinary post-graduate programmes. These attract a diverse intake of students who bring different areas of expertise and knowledge to seminars, courses and research projects. The programmes cater to the multi-faceted needs of the graduate client base and include an advanced postgraduate diploma, an M.Sc by coursework and research project and a research-based M.Phil/ Ph.D.

DIRECT ENTRY: Students who are with the UWI Programme and who may wish to move from one programme to another may apply directly to any of the graduate programmes offered. (NB. Where there is a difference in fees along with a change in programme, the shortfall must be borne by the student.)

List of Graduate Courses


Students wishing to enter a graduate programme may need to complete qualifying courses if they do not have a UWI Minor in Gender Studies / Gender and Development Studies, a relevant complement of courses or other similar qualification from another university. Qualifying courses would include core theory courses from among the following:

  • Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
  • Philosophy of Gender ***
  • Sex, Gender and Society
  • Gender and Development with Reference to the Caribbean

Other courses relevant for the specific research interest of the student may also be required.



IGDS offers these 4-credit electives:
Philosophy of Gender
Philosophy of Gender In Caribbean Thought
Gender, Violence and Trauma in Discourse
Gender, Ethnicity and Class: Issues of Identity, Nation and Citizenship
Other faculties may offer 4-credit courses.

*** Indicates courses taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.