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igds at expo
"Gender Calling" The IGDS’s booth at The UWI Research Expo October 2013, JFK Auditorium


Individual Staff Research

St. Augustine Unit

Individual staff members of the IGDS are involved in personal research projects that also come under the St. Augustine Campus Research Themes.

Sue Ann Barratt
  • Gender and Communication Conflict


Gabrielle Jamela Hosein
  • Politics and Governance in San Fernando, Trinidad
  • Heteronormativity, Law Reform and Women’s Leadership in Trinidad and Tobago


Deborah McFee
  • Women and Trade
  • Transnational Migrant Coping Strategies in the Current Economic Crisis: a pilot study 

    (Jane Parpart, Deborah Mohammed and Marianne Marchand)

Patricia Mohammed
  • Deciphering Perceptions of Gender and Culture in Film, Visual art and Media images
  • Gender and Cinema in the Caribbean — Novel, Screenplay and Production of Full Length Movie
  • Shaping Global Democracy: Research, Analyses and Writing of National Gender Policies in the Caribbean
  • Image and Iconography of the Caribbean
  • Conceptualising Global Democracy


Recent Staff Research
Rhoda Reddock