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Key Issues in Gender and Transformation

in the Caribbean

GEND 6105 (Diploma/MSc)
GEND 7105 (MPhil/MPhil elective)
GEND 8105 (PhD/PhD elective)
4 credits

Key Issues in Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean is designed to introduce graduate students to some key issues that have not received serious attention during the first four core courses in the graduate programme. The issues will be determined by the facilitator in consultation with the graduate teaching staff and the graduate student cohort. Consequently they will vary each year. The course is designed as a seminar, providing opportunities for students to meet experts in the field, to discuss relevant publications and to write a research paper on one of the topics. Guest speakers as well as IGDS faculty will teach the course. Students will be expected to give an oral presentation on the readings of one key issue and to produce a research paper on that topic.


  • To provide a structure for continued interaction and scholarly support among graduate students;
  • To provide information and skills relevant for graduate research and scholarly writing;
  • To provide information and skills relevant to professional work in gender studies in the Caribbean;
  • To facilitate interaction with local and visiting practitioners and scholars in the field and to facilitate the completion of some research in these areas;
  • To develop critical reading skills.