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The Making of Caribbean Feminisms

Regional Research Programme / St. Augustine Campus Research Project


The first and second waves of the Women’s Movement in the Caribbean require documentation to preserve its history and to bring the movement into historical perspective. This project is founded on the belief that the impulse to further feminist theorising and activism needs to be transmitted to a younger generation. One of the outcomes has been the creation of a Special Collection on Caribbean Feminisms which is now housed in the West Indiana and Special Collections section of the UWI Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus. This provides a database of relevant historical and documentary materials on feminist activism, since the start of the 20th Century, from which teaching and further research may proceed. There are also ongoing efforts to create a biographical dictionary of Caribbean feminists and women’s movement activists. This documentation should provide the basis for ongoing critical analyses of the past. The open-access, on-line journal, the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, is also part of this research project. First launched in 2007, six annual issues, which include peer-reviewed essays, gender dialogues, photo and video essays, poetry and book reviews, have been published. The journal can beaccessed at  —


Special Collections
at the Alma Jordan Library


CAFRA T&T Collection

Hazel Brown Collection

Nesta Patrick Collection

Video Conversations


Bridget Bereton
2013 | 4 parts


Patricia Mohammed
2013 | 3 parts

Tara Ramoutar

2014 | 2 parts


Brinsley Samaroo

on Florence Nankivell

2015 | 1 part


Outreach Activities


Women’s Conversation Caravan:

Making our Voices Count











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