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pamela rodney


Pamela Rodney

PhD, Interdisciplinary Gender Studies


Pamela Rodney is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. Her academic interests include HIV/AIDS, human rights and policy analysis. She is a citizen of Guyana, currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago under the Immigration (Caribbean Community Skilled Nationals) Act, 1996. She holds a MSc in Development Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, from the University of Guyana.  She has worked in the fields of education, administration and social research in Guyana and Botswana.


Working Title for Dissertation
Perceptions and Care for HIV positive persons with Alternative Sexualities and Gender Identities (ASGIs): A case study of care providers in care-giving institutions and organizations in Trinidad and Tobago.

Areas of Research / Interest
human rights
policy analysis


Relevant Forums/Conferences Attended

IGDS 20th Anniversary Conference

An Experiential Analysis of HIV/AIDS Caregiving for HIV-positive Persons with Alternative Sexualities and Gender Identities (ASGIs) in Trinidad and Tobago


Attended on behalf of the IGDS
Launch of Young Woman of the Year Award 2012 hosted by the Network on NGOs, 2012.

Attended the Fourth Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Gender Equality and Health in Washington DC on February 16th and 17th 2012 as the regional rep on behalf of IGDS.

PRodney WashingtonDC2012The purpose of the TAG meeting was to discuss the monitoring report on the implementation of the Plan of Action (2009) of the Gender Policy (2005). The report is based on 38 consultations held in countries with the Ministry of Health, Civil Society and PAHO partners. The Plan of Action calls on PAHO’s Director to report on advances in 2012 and 2014, while reaffirming Member States’ commitment to consolidate and further the advances. The TAG consists of Co-Chairs, Dr. Carmen Barroso, Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Office, and Dr. Gita Sen, Member of the WHO Social Determinants Commission, three representatives of Member States of the Executive Committee of the Directing Council, UN agencies, and Civil Society Organizations. Pamela gave a brief summary of our priorities in mainstreaming gender and had the opportunity to share with and learn from experts and professionals working in the field of gender and health equity.

Reviewed the second draft of the Caribbean gender and health profile in January 2012, in advance of a virtual discussion meeting, as a member of the Technical Review Group in the development of a Caribbean Gender and Health Profile for PAHO

Received a scholarship from the 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference Secretariat to attend the 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference: Strengthening Evidence To Achieve Sustainable Action from November 18th to November 21st, 2011 in the Bahamas. The Conference is aimed towards sharpening the focus on HIV in the Caribbean, the region with the world's second highest adult HIV prevalence.

Recent/Current Employment/Participation

Serves on the Technical Review Group in the development of a Caribbean Gender and Health Profile for the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) as of January 2012