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Regular Summer Courses

IGDS St. Augustine Unit offers undergraduate and graduate summer courses. Not all undergraduate courses are offered each year. Look out for and advertising on the UWI online portals or contact us for information. Graduate summer courses are offered every other year.

Register for the Summer Session at the UWI St. Augustine Campus summer school website. http://sta.uwi.edu/admissions/undergrad/summer_programme.asp


regular courses summer 2015

Download the regular summer courses poster for 2015 with a calendar.




For CREDIT summer courses on offer in 2015


Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge

GEND 1103, AR11C

Level I, 3 Credits


Gender and Development with Reference to Caribbean Society
SOCI 3039 | GEND 3039

Level III Semester I - 3 Credits
No Pre-requisite



For CREDIT summer courses on offer in 2015


Key Issues in Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean

GEND 6105 (Diploma / MSc)
4 credits



Other courses offered during the summer semester can include:


Sex, Gender and Society: Sociological Perspectives

SOCI 3031, GEND 3031, SY37G

Level III, 3 Credits
SY13E (Introduction to Sociology I) or SY13F (Introduction to Sociology II) or GEND1103 (AR11C) (Introduction to Women’s Studies)


Past regular summer courses posters.