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The IGDS encourages the general public and students from all areas of study to interact and dialogue in informal and engaging short courses.


2019 short courses general



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2019 short courses law

Women, Men, Gender and Law

June 3, 6, 8, 10, 13 & 15

6-afternoons | 3 Hour sessions | COST TT$2,400.00

Facilitated by Attorney-at-Law Ms Beverly Samuel

This six session short course is designed for members of the general public who wish to have a greater understanding of their rights and wish to learn how to negotiate the legal system in Trinidad and Tobago. Come and learn about your rights and how to negotiate the legal system in Trinidad & Tobago.Sessions include:

  • Custody rights
  • Estate Planning
  • Rape and Incest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Matrimonial Property

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2019 short courses human resources

Human Resources Management
& Gender Equity in the Workplace

July 9 & 10

2-day course | COST $4,400.00

This two-day course is targetted to Managers and Human Resource Practitioners and is designed for Human Resource practitioners and interested persons. Learn about the impact of Gender-Based Violence on the workforce and develop practical tools and policies for the workplace.

It will focus on strategies and structures for 21st Century leaders to:

  • Understand Gender Equality as a business imperative
  • Develop practical tools to address the impact of Gender-Based Violence on the workplace
  • To improve the Gender Sensitivity of decision-making processes within organizations

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2019 short courses philosophy

The Philosophy of "Judith Butler"

May 1 & 2, 2019

2 SESSIONS | 10AM–2PM & 10AM–12 NOON | COST TT$500.00

Facilitated by Gunder Werner

The philosophy of “Judith Butler” is designed for graduate students and those interested in Feminist Philosophy. It will focus on the work of Judith Butler and the critical lens that gender brings to philosophy.  Butler is a renowned theorist who has transformed scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. This is the first  time the UWI St. Augustine’s is offering an entire short course on her thinking and work.

Topics include:

  • Main works of Judith Butler and philosophical approach
  • Gender Theory and intersectional analysis
  • Contexutalized perspective and current challenges
  • Embodiment and Vulnerability – a Feminist Perspective

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Gunda Werner, born in 1971 in Bonn, Germany, studied Roman Catholic Theology and Philosophy in Muenster, Germany. She completed her Doctorate in 2005 with a Thesis in: “Does Faith make hype? The question of salvation and personal happiness”. She worked as a nurse, for Catholic Dioceses, for formation in an international NGO for human rights, as an Event-Manager. She took a Sabbatical to ride the bicycle from Germany to China and in Japan as part of field research on reconciliation. She has worked as an Assistant Professor in Bochum where she wrote her “Habilitationsschrift” on Reconciliation. She has been deputy Professor for Catholic Theologie in Bonn and Bochum, Germany and Junior Professor in Tübingen, Germany. She was a visiting Fellow at the Jospehinum in Columbus, Ohio, at the  Boston College, Boston and at the Fordham University, New York, USA. She is intensively working with Theologians and Philosophers from Iran in interreligious dialogue. Her major interest lies in Gender Studies, justice. Right now she is working on a monograph on Judith Butler and her impact for power theories.



2019 short courses religion

Gender, Feminism and Religion: Contemporary Questions

May 8 & 9, 2019

2 SESSIONS | 10AM–2PM & 10AM–12 NOON | COST TT$500.00

Facilitated by Gunder Werner

Gender, Feminism and  Religion:  Contemporary Questions is designed for students and the general public who wish to have a deeper understanding of the engagement between feminisms and religions, and the field of feminist theology. This short course is a must for those interested in the significance of gender to questions of theology and spirituality across the world today.

Topics include:

  • Gender Theories and Feminism
  • Religion and Gender
  • Biblical Readings in Feminist Perspective
  • Church Teachings
  • Current Challenges

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