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INRL 6020

Research Methods and Proposal Writing

Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard


Main Reading Texts

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Supplementary Reading Texts

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Note:  Additional articles and other reading material may be recommended


Topic Readings


Topic 1:    The Nature and Essence of Research as a Process

Readings - Bernard: Chapters 1 and 3; Babbie: Chapters 1 to 3, Gray: Chapters 1 and 2


Topic 2:    Qualitative versus Quantitative Research Traditions

Readings – Bernard: Chapter 11, Creswell: Chapter 4 and Bryman: Chapters 2 and 3; Berg: Chapter 1; Gray: Chapters 6, 7and 8


Topic 3:    Research Design and Options associated with Qualitative and Quantitative Traditions

Readings - Bernard: Chapter 2; Babbie: Chapters 4 and 5; Creswell: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3; Berg: Chapter 2; Gray: Chapters 9-12  


Topic 4:    Accessing and Reviewing the Literature

Reading - Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill: Chapters 3; Gray: Chapter 5


Topic 5:    Conceptualization and Measurement

Readings - Babbie: Chapters on “Conceptualization and Measurement” and “Operationalization”


Topic 6:    Issues and Challenges in Sampling  and Experimentation

Readings - Bernard: Chapters 4 and 5; Babbie: Chapters 8, 9 and 13; Patton: Chapter 5, pp169-186


Topic 7:    Data Collection Issues and Challenges

Readings – Bernard: Chapters 6 to 10; Babbie: Chapters 6, 7, 10 and 11; Creswell: Chapter 7; Gray: Chapters 13-16


Topic 8:    Data Preparation and Evaluation of Quality

Readings – Singleton et al: Chapter 14; Creswell: Chapter 10; Patton: Chapter 9


Topic 9:    Analyzing Quantitative Data

Readings - Bernard: Chapters 14 to 16; Babbie: Chapters 14 to 17; Gray: Chapter 17


Topic 10:  Analyzing Qualitative Data

Readings - Bernard: Chapters 12 and 13; Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill: Chapter 12; Creswell: Chapter 8; Gray: Chapter 18


Topic 11:  Ethical Issues, Proposal and Report Writing

Readings - Babbie: Chapter 18 and Appendix C; Berg: Chapter 3 and 12; Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill: Chapters 2 (Section 2.5), 5 and 13; Gray: Chapters 4, 19 and 20

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