The Marketing & Communications (M&C) team at UWI St. Augustine creates and execute data-driven, integrated marketing communications strategies, partnering with clients across the St. Augustine Campus to tell The UWI story while building The UWI Brand.

What is a brand? Everything!

An organisation’s brand is determined by everything it does every day. The UWI brand is more than our name, our logo, our products and services. Our brand is our attitude, our way of doing things, of behaving, of communicating.

Audiences rely on visual and verbal cues to know what they can expect from us - from our logos, colours, images, and writing style, to how we present content and conduct events.

Why is our brand important?

Consistent expression of a brand builds trust in the minds of stakeholders and the wider public. That trust in the overall UWI brand is then extended to our faculties and departments that share our brand identity, and trust guides important business and personal decisions.

Adhering to the visual identity of the UWI brand makes it easy for your audience to connect your programme, event or product with the expertise and reputation of The UWI.

Become a UWI Brand Ambassador

Branding is everyone’s business, and the more you know about the UWI Brand, the easier (and faster) it becomes to get your marketing and communications projects off the ground! If you would like to become a UWI Brand Ambassador, or if you just want to know more about how the UWI brand can work for you, email us at



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