While an organisation’s brand is communicated through everything it does and every interaction with its audiences and stakeholders, visual markers play an important role in signalling to the public what you and your organisation stand for.

Visual markers include logos, imagery, fonts, colours and overall design.

Adhering to the visual identity created for the UWI brand makes it easy for your audience to connect your programme, event or product with the expertise and reputation of The UWI.

By ensuring that your advertisement, flyer, brochure, video, web page or social media post is consistently aligned with the visual identity of The UWI, you are signalling to potential clients and audiences that they can trust you to deliver legitimate content and high-quality experiences.

Our team of graphic and multimedia artists will help you meet your needs while maintaining The UWI St. Augustine’s visual identity. Take a look at our creative portfolio.

UWI’s Brand Guidelines

For the most comprehensive and all-encompassing information on The UWI’s Brand Identity, download the University’s Brand Identity Guidelines. Read more on why branding is essential.

Visual Creative Services

In today’s world, visual communication is the key to audience engagement. The right visual can make your promotion stand out among the competition. M&C’s team includes talented visual storytellers providing graphic design, photography, videography and video editing services.


Graphic Design | Photography | Videography | Portfolio

Graphic Design

Our small in-house graphics team creates artwork for everything from press and social media ads, to flyers, brochures, logos, social media images, and short reports. We manage the visual identity of the Campus, creating designs that are crisp, clean and modern.

Because we serve the entire Campus, please send your graphic design requests at least two weeks in advance (for ads or flyers requiring fresh artwork) or more for longer projects.

If you are short on time and your budget allows, we can help you source an external designer who will uphold UWI’s high standards. If you are really in a rush and have no available funds, we can provide you with easy-to-use templates.

To request graphic design services, email us at marketing.communications@sta.uwi.edu.



Photos are part of our daily visual communication. We want to capture moments that can lead to beautiful memories. Your target audience also demands this. While there are times when stock photography would be appropriate, our preference is for original photos of the people and places on our Campus. These photos support our advertising, recruitment material, and annual reporting.

While we regularly provide photography services for lectures, ceremonies and similar signature events, we want to capture more of the day-to-day activities on our Campus. You can help us build the Campus’s photo library by calling us when

  • your faculty or department is doing work in the community.
  • your class is undertaking an interesting activity.
  • your students are conducting interesting experiments, building prototypes, engaging in the creative process or rehearsing for an upcoming performance.

We would love to hear from you! Simply place your request or alert us at least two weeks in advance so that we can add you to our schedule. If you already have a photographer on your team, please let us know so we can work with them to achieve the photography needs of the Campus.

Also, take a look at some of our past event photography on our UWI Flickr account.

To request photography services, email us at marketing.communications@sta.uwi.edu.



How many videos have you watched in the past week? 10, 20, more...?

Admit it, we all love videos. They allow us to sit back and watch compelling content unfold and then share it, particularly from our smartphones.

Great videos are fun to watch but require planning and production. Our video production services - writing, interviewing, shooting, and editing are reserved for strategic Campus campaigns.

If, however, you are creating your own videos using the services of a professional or semi-professional producer, please contact us for guidance on brand compliance.

Video recording services for lectures or conference proceedings can be arranged using external vendors at a cost to be charged to your budget.

Take a look at some past recordings on our UWI St. Augustine YouTube channel.

To request videography services, email us at marketing.communications@sta.uwi.edu.


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