How we work

No matter how small or large your project or event, it’s always best to involve the M&C team from the planning stages. We serve the entire Campus and support our regional headquarters as well so, where possible, get in touch with us at least a couple weeks before your deadline.

What you need to know

We Work Strategically

The UWI's Mission, Vision, Core Values and its Strategic Plan closely inform how we conduct the business of managing our Campus brand and how we manage our priorities.

We Are Data Driven

We use every opportunity to gather data and feedback from all our communications channels – traditional or digital – and use those insights to direct the resources and budgets allocated to the communications needs our Campus clients. The annual Campus surveys provide valuable insights into the interests, needs and preferences of the different audiences we serve.

We Are Supportive

We know our staff and students do great work! Our role is to help you tell your story and connect with the wider public. As set out in the University’s Brand Guidelines, “The Marketing and Communications team is always ready to help you identify the practical ways we can live the University’s brand promise through our communications, products and services.”

Take look at our core service areas and let us know how we can help you today!

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