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Social Media

We use various social media platforms to communicate and build relationships with our various stakeholders (students, staff, alumni, parents and general members of the public). Social media allows us the unique opportunity to hear what our audiences are saying by conversing with them on any given channel.

Currently, UWI St. Augustine has a presence on the following social media channels: FacebookInstagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium and Flickr.


Key Resources

Our go-to resources for staff to familiarise themselves with are

  • The UWI's Social Media Policy, which outlines the University's position on the appropriate use of social media by members of our regional community.
  • The UWI STA Social Media Guidebook, which provides information on what is required to launch UWI St. Augustine-affiliated social media pages, tips and tactics for managing various social media platforms, and a repository of free and paid resources which your department may consider using in support of its social media management.


We are most proud of ….  

Our UWI Grad Stories blog series which highlighted the journey behind the success of our 2019 graduates. It widely inspired audiences on social media and beyond, who were touched by the honest and transparent retelling of touching stories of perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity.

To request social media/web ads or promotions, email us at marketing.communications@sta.uwi.edu.




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