Our Campus clients typically know the audiences with whom they need to connect. At M&C, we help answer two key questions: how best to reach your audiences and how much will it cost!

We use our expertise, experience and media relationships to ensure that faculties, departments and the Campus in general are represented at a consistently high standard and achieve maximum exposure at the best possible cost.  

What you need to know

Whether it’s traditional media ads, internal promo, or ads on social or online, all advertising must be routed through M&C.

Faculties and departments are not to place bookings directly with any media house or service. This centralised approach is meant to ensure consistent application of The UWI brand standard, and as a financial safeguard for both the Campus and our media partners.


Press & Traditional | Web & Social Media | Internal Promotions


Press & Traditional Media

Traditional newspaper advertising can still reach a significant audience segment, and the number of digital newspaper subscriptions continues to grow. Your ad should create a sense of credibility, quality and trustworthiness.

If you are considering placing ads in local and/or regional newspapers, we can help:

  • provide advice on placement options, timing, cost and budget;
  • structure your ad for impact and clarity;
  • work with you to source the best imagery; and
  • manage the production of an ad that reflects good design and best practice in modern advertising, while adhering to the UWI Brand Guidelines.

Depending on your audience and your budget, we can help you create a broader strategy that includes paid ad time or space on other traditional platforms such as radio, digital billboards and television. 

Newspaper Ad Sizes

Take a look at some suggested sizes below. Use these to guide how much text you can put on your ad, and what kinds of images you can use.

Please note: These sizes apply to Trinidad & Tobago newspapers only.

PRESS ADS - Sizes - TT Infographic.jpg

What you need to know

  • Consider if your images will look good in black and white vs. full colour. Bear in mind that full colour ads are more expensive, but they are more eye-catching and, if tastefully done, can signal the quality of your programme or event.
  • Your ad should work hand-in-hand with your website, which is where the details of your subject matter should be placed.
  • Keep your website up-to-date! Over time, more people are likely to see your website than will see or hear your traditional ad.


Web & Social Media Advertising  

For details about online and social media focused advertising, visit our Digital and Social media page.

To book a press ad, download and complete the Press Ad Booking Form.

Advertising Package Options

Need to get your campaign going but not sure how much you should budget overall or how to spread your funds across different platforms? Contact advertising@sta.uwi.edu and we will send you our most popular combination packages.


Internal Campus-only Promotions

Need to get your message out to the Campus community? We provide the following options for reaching staff and students:

  • What’s On – an internal e-newsletter circulated weekly to both staff and students
  • eNews - an internal newsletter circulated once weekly to staff only
  • Campus Digital Billboards

For details on these options, visit our Digital and Social media page.

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