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Building Better Gardens

UWI Today, March 4, 2018



A Basket For Beans

UWI Today, March 4, 2018



Research for El Dorado

UWI Today, June 11, 2017



Leaving or Left Behind? Schools Dropout Research Shows a More Nuanced Picture

UWI Today, April 23, 2017



Greener Days by the River

UWI Today, March 19, 2017



Landmark Agro-ICT project Wins FRIDA Award

UWI Today, March 19, 2017





Projects in the News

  1. Prof. Patricia Mohammed - Worklife Balance and Ageing

  2. Dr. Denise Beckles - The Guanapo Landfill Project

  3. Dr. Erouscilla Joseph - Volcanic Emissions Monitoring

  4. Dr. Derek Chadee - Crime Victimization and Fear of Crime Survey in Trinidad
    and Tobago

  5. Dr. Saravanakumar Duraisamy - AIMS

  6. Dr. Margaret Bernard - AGRINeTT

  7. Dr. Beverly-Anne Carter - Language and Competitiveness

  8. Prof. John Agard - Economic Value of the Caroni Swamp

  9. Prof. Pathmanathan Umaharan - Competitiveness of Cocoa Project

  10. Prof. Chris Oura - Identification of Animal Influenza Viruses

  11. Dr. Asad Mohammed - Built and Cultural Heritage in East Port of Spain

  12. Dr. Priya Kissoon - Dropouts

  13. Dr. Gershwin Davis and Dr. Nelleen Baboolal - Dementia

  14. Dr. Davinder Sharma - Smart Grid Project

  15. Dr. Benjamin Braithwaite - Heritage Languages

  16. Dr. Sandra Celestine - Youth At Risk

  17. Prof. Christine Carrington - The Spread of Dengue

  18. Dr. Govind Seepersad - The Citrus Industry in Trinidad and Tobago