Undergraduate Registration Guidelines

See POSTGRAD Registration Guidelines

What is Registration?

Registration is the formal process of becoming a member of the University, enabling you to attend lectures, receive tuition, sit exams, use the library and other facilities and be a member of the Guild of Students.  In order to attend a class at UWI, a student must first register for the course.  Registration involves a series of steps that a student must follow to officially register for a course. 


What Registration Means

A student is deemed to have registered for a course when his/her financial obligations to the University have been fulfilled.

Registration for a course constitutes registration for the examinations in that course.

How to Select Courses for your Academic Programme?

All programmes and courses offered have already been defined and approved by your faculty under the Curriculum Advising and Programme Planning (CAPP) module in the Banner Student Administration System.

For NEW STUDENTS , Faculty Advisors will be available for consultation at your faculty orientation and academic advising session. Refer to your faculty’s Orientation and Advising Schedule in this booklet.

CONTINUING STUDENTS You can view CAPP compliances in Banner Web that will list all courses already passed and those required to fulfill your programme requirements.

How to Register?

Click here to access the online registration instructions.

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ALL STUDENTS will be required to register online. This means that students can register from anywhere, either on-campus or off-campus, simply using a computer with internet access between the hours of 6:00 am and 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Where to Register?

You may register using any PC with Internet access at home or at any internet café.

Rules to Follow

All students are required to register by semester

All students are required to register by the end of the 1st week of the first semester and by the end of the 2nd week of the second semester.

Late registration shall be permitted up to the end of the 4th week of the first semester on payment of a late registration fee.

Late registration and changes in registration after the deadline date may be facilitated only in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Academic Board.

NEW STUDENTS if you have not submitted your medical certificate to the Medical Officer, UWI Health Service Unit you will not be able to register.

CONTINUING STUDENTS who are not registering for any courses during one of the semesters are required to apply for leave of absence. Failure to do so may result in your being considered to have withdrawn from the University.

To Apply Online for a Leave of Absence:
All applications for leave of absence for a semester or the academic year should be submitted through the Electronic Workflow on Student Matters.Leave of Absence must be submitted by the end of the third week of the relevant Semester. The student will be required to:
  1. Log in to the new student portal (my.uwi.edu)
  2. mySecurearea
  3. Go to “Student Services & Financial Aid”
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Application for Leave of Absence
  6. Follow the steps required for the application and click submit.
  7. A confirmation e-mail with a tracking number will be sent to his/her student portal email upon receipt of the application.
  8. Student will be able to track the progress of the application by logging unto the Banner Student Services page and clicking on the specific tracking number given
  9. Student’s record will be automatically updated.
  10. Requests citing medical reasons must be accompanied by medical certification acceptable to The University. Requests for personal reasons or based on compassionate, financial or work-related grounds are also considered.

Penalties For Non-Payment Of Fees

Deregistration of Students for Non-Payment of Fees

New First Time Students

New First Time students who have not registered or registered but failed to pay ALL required fees by the last working day of September for Semester !, the last working day of Semester II and last working day of June for Summer sessions will have their offer withdrawn and will be required to submit a new application for admission within the application period for entry at a future date.

Continuing Students  

CONTINUING STUDENTS who have not registered or registered but failed to pay ALL required fees by the last working day of September for Semester I and the last working day of February for Semester II and the last working day of June for the summer session, will be placed on a Compulsory Leave of Absence.

NEW AND CONTINUING STUDENTS who may have paid fees but NOT registered by the end of the official registration period would be required to seek the approval of their Faculty and the Academic Board/Campus Committee for Graduate Studies and Research for late registration no later than mid-October for Semester 1, mid March for Semester 2 and mid-June for the Summer session.  Additional late registration fines will be imposed.

NOTE: Registration will not be permitted after that period without the approval of the Faculty/Academic Board/Campus Committee for Graduate Studies and Research. Additional late registration fines will be imposed by the Academic Board.



Prerequisite Error

If you attempt to register for a course(s) and do not have the necessary pre-requisite(s) or if a class is full, you will receive an error message after trying to register for it.

Only the Dean of the Faculty or his/her designated representative(s) will be authorized to do overrides or give approvals.


Academic Integrity

  • Students have the responsibility to know and observe the Regulations of The University of the West Indies and Faculty.  Additionally, the regulations prohibit plagiarism, falsification of information and academic dishonesty. All regulations are in force during the Summer School Session.