Registration Procedure

To assist you in the registration process, we have structured the registration process into 6 easy steps.

STEP 1: Get Your Registration Information

STEP 2 : Go To Academic Advising

  1. Attend your Faculty Orientation and Academic Advising session
    for Semester 1. It is COMPULSORY for New Students and
    OPTIONAL for Continuing Students.
  2. SEMESTER 2 Consult your Faculty Advisor for information on
    courses for which you must register.
  3. Consult the Faculty Academic Advising schedule information for Undergraduate Students for dates and locations of your faculty’s advising or
  4. Consult the Faculty Academic Advising schedule information for Postgraduate Students

STEP 3: Trinidad and Tobago Citizens ONLY –

Firstly, you must register for the GATE e-Service at the GATE Registration Centre (GRC).[Visit e-GATE website - or call 800-GATE for information].

In order to successfully register, you must present original copies of your birth certificate, and one other form of identification (National ID or passport ONLY), and a valid e-mail address for receiving notifications.

After registering at the Gate Registration Centre, you will receive an email informing you that a GATE e-Service account has been created for you, along with an activation code, GATE e-Service ID, and password. After activation, the ID and password will be used to log in to your account on the GATE e-Service website (, and apply for GATE online.

To complete your online GATE application form, you must have soft (scanned) copies of the following:

  • UWI acceptance letter (for new students only)
  • Electronic birth certificate and one other form of identification (National ID or passport ONLY)
  • Payment slip (postgraduate students only)
  • Marriage/divorce certificate (for married/divorced students)
  • Latest results slip
  • Deed poll (for name change)
  • Complete, edit or re-submit your application as necessary
  • On completion, print and sign a Student Copy of the electronic application form and attach it to your UWI fee sheet.


STEP 4: Register For Courses

  1. View special instructions for applying for co-curricular courses ONLY. (Relevant to undergraduate students only)
  2. Students of the Faculty of Science and Technology ONLY: please review these guidelines so as to choose those courses that will minimize clashes on your timetable.
  3. You must register online for ALL other courses. Read the Online Registration Instruction Guide.

    To access the online registration go to secure area at Your user ID is your 8-digit or 9-digit student registration ID number and your password.  Login to the Portal, CLICK ON MySecure Area and register for your courses.

    Follow the instructions to register for your courses.
    You can register online wherever there is a stable and secure internet connection or you can visit one of the computer labs on campus designated for online registration.
    Note: At the BEGINNING of each academic year you are required to
    register for:
    • All Semester 1 courses
    • All Year-Long courses (where applicable)
    Registration for Semester 2 courses takes place at the beginning of
    Semester 2 normally in January of each year.
  4. Print your Registration Fee Assessment Invoice. This is required to
    complete the financial clearance process. Check CAREFULLY to ensure that the courses for which you registered online are listed. Make sure you register for the correct section of a course. Print your Registration Fee Assessment Invoice.  It indicates fees payable based on your course load and must be used to complete financial clearance.
  5. Changing registration (if applicable): Add or drop courses, change Major or Option, change enrolment (full time/part time/evening), change personal information.

STEP 5: Pay Fees

Download the appropriate fee booklet:

Notice: De-Registration Of Students For Non-Payment Of Fees

Pay fees at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd. using the bank deposit slip available at Republic Bank . Ensure that

  1. Your name, address and UWI Student ID number are entered
    on the bank deposit slip
  2. The Bank Teller returns 2 copies of the deposit slip to you.

STEP 6: Obtain Financial Clearance

  1. Staple the following documents together:
    1. Official UWI Registration Fee Assessment Invoice printout
    2. Evidence of payment of fees OR copies of letters showing evidence of funding e.g. scholarship, *GATE Form
  2. Deposit tfee assessment invoice and proof of payment/scholarship/funding in your Faculty Box located on the Ground Floor, Bursary, Student Administration Building.
  3. Check online for financial clearance five (5) days after submitting the documents above by logging on to MYSecure area of the Student Portal website at Select ‘Registration Map and Guide’ and select ‘Check Financial
    Clearance’. If you have not received financial clearance after five (5) working
    days, visit the Bursary Representatives, Ground Floor, Lloyd Brathwaite Student Administration Building for clarification.

More on Financial Clearance ...

For Semester 2 registration


Who are registering for the first time in Semester 2 for the current academic year
must follow Steps 1-5 above listed.

Download the Registration Quick Reference Guide

STEP 7: Obtain Your UWI ID Card

Financial clearance is required for the issuance of a new UWI ID Card

New ID cards are only issued to NEW/Re-Entry Students ONLY.


  • If you received financial clearance your UWI Student ID Card is automatically revalidated
  • If your previous UWI ID Card has not been replaced with the new smartcard ID card, you must obtain a new UWI ID Card. Please produce the old ID Card to the ID Card Office for immediate replacement.

If you registered in Semester 1 -2014/2015 and received financial clearance your UWI student ID card is automatically revalidated for Semester 2.

Students requiring UWI ID cards for Semester 2 - 2014/2015 MUST visit the ID Photo Room, Ground Floor, The Lloyd Braithwaite Building Student Administration Building, Lewis Avenue during the period January 12, 2015 to February 06, 2015; 8.45a.m. to 6.00p.m.

· You must obtain financial clearance in order to obtain a UWI Student ID.
· You must produce picture identification (i.e. valid passport or National ID card) to obtain your UWI Student ID Card

Check the ID Card schedule