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Message from Assistant Registrar (Examinations)

The UWI is closely monitoring the impact of the global pandemic to ensure the safety of our students and staff. As a result, our Office is currently operating remotely. We assure you that our services remain available to you via re-engineered operations. We ask that you email us at the following email accounts for relevant information on accessing the corresponding services:

Please continue to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens.


Payments For Courier Services Are Currently Only Available
For Processing Requests For 2020 And 2021 Certificates.

Please note that the processing time for dispatch of 2020 and 2021 certificates via courier services may be delayed due to limited onsite operations, as the Campus remains closed to the public.

Please note that all payments received for courier services for certificates before 2020 and for any other official documents are NON-REFUNDABLE and courier services for these documents will be SIGNIFICANTLY and INDEFINITELY DELAYED until we resume full onsite operations.

Distribution of Certificates

Please be advised that we are working on the rollout of a new process for Distribution of Certificates,and you will receive precise guidelines soon. Please refrain from mailing requests for collection of certificates with prepaid envelopes to the Examinations Section.  Such packages will not be processed until on-site operations resume. Thank you for your patience and co-operation.


General Notice

Examiners are required to submit grades. Students may view unofficial results from that date by accessing the WEB as follows:
Scroll to Quick links
Click on Enter secure area
Final Grades


Examination Invigilation

Apply to be an invigilator for Examinations



Use the quick links below to help you easily find information regarding Examinations:

Online Payment Facility
Instructions for Graduation Payments (for St Augustine students only)
Transcript Request Form (Request via Email)
Examinations Calendar (Campus Intranet Only)
Examinations & GPA Regulations Booklet
University Regulations on Plagiarism (First Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates)
Graduation Exercises
Final Examination Schedule
Password Reset
Disability Services
Special Examination arrangements
Request for Duplicate Degree/Diploma/Certificate Form
Exam Regulations - External Examiners
Medical Certificate / Report (Coursework / Final Examinations)
Request for Certification of Diploma / Certificate / Degree
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