External Applicants are required to make a formal request to the Office of the Campus Registrar to conduct research at the UWI. This request will involve 1. Access to UWI as a research site and 2. Ethics Approval. Please note the procedure as follows:

  • Submit Cover letter introducing yourself and study along with the following documents should be submitted to the following email addresses: Campus Registrar <campreg@sta.uwi.edu> and campusethics <campusethics@sta.uwi.edu>
  • Documents to attach

The ethics committee will review the application and send a decision directly to the Office of the Campus Registrar but may consult with the external applicant directly for any necessary clarification or revisions to the application. The  Office of the Campus Registrar will review the overall request to access UWI as a Research Site and make a final decision on whether to approve conduct of research at UWI.

Please contact campusethics@sta.uwi.edu for any additional assistance

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