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Governance in the Caribbean


Selwyn Ryan , Ann-Marie Bissessar


This book seeks to identify some of the key issues and problems which have characterized Governance in the Caribbean. The volume includes contributions from political personalities such as Dr. Eric Williams of Trinidad and Tobago, Michael Manley of Jamaica, L.F.S Burnham of Guyana, Owen Arthur of Barbados, and Kenny Anthony of St. Lucia. Included too are the views of Michael de la Bastide, former Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago, the late William Demas, former President of the Caribbean Development Bank, and Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, former Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago.

The senior public servants whose views are recorded include Cecil Dolly, Dr. J. O'Neil Lewis, Frank Barsotti, James Alva Bain, Frank Rampersad, Reginald Dumas and Dr. C.V. Gocking of Trinidad and Tobago, Bertram Collins of Guyana, and Sir Courtney Blackman of Barbados. Academic analysts include Professor Gladstone Mills, Professor George Eaton, Professor Edwin Jones, the late Adlith Brown of Jamaica, Professor Selwyn Ryan, Gordon Draper, Dr. Ann Marie Bissessar, Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie and Dr. Brinsley Samaroo of Trinidad, Professor Vaughan Lewis of St. Lucia and Dr. Harold Lutchman and Dr. Claremont Kirton of Guyana.

Together, the various contributions provide a comprehensive analysis of the critical problems which have been at the center of Caribbean public management for the last five decades and the solutions which have been offered for their resolution.




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