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The CARICOM Single Market and Economy: Legal, Political, Economic and Social Dimensions


The idea of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is not new and dates back at least to the report of the West Indian Commission of 1990. Indeed in that report the date of January 1, 1993, was proposed as D-day. More than ten years later it still has not happened. But it has never ceased to be a hot topic and, as the trend towards the creation of regional blocs continues, and with the imminent arrival on FTAA in 2005, it is almost the final chance to pose and answer the right questions. It is for this reason that the SALISES is hosting a conference on this theme. Participation is open to scholars, policy makers, graduate students, professionals and all persons interested in the burning issues associated with this theme.

The integration of national economies is taking place all over the world. The European Union is but only one, though perhaps the most outstanding, example of this. Such movements spawn challenges in almost every sphere as independent nations grapple with the idea of opening their economies and societies to regional neighbours who will henceforth enjoy similar, if not identical, rights as citizens. These challenges may be manifested at the level of the entire grouping of nations as well as at the level of the individual member states. This conference seeks to attract papers that treat with this complex state of affairs as it relates to social, economic, political, cultural, environmental, legal and other dimensions and their implications for consensus, or dissent, among the CARICOM member states.

Presenters and Papers

Title of Paper


Governance Issues : Towards a CARICOM Parliament

Ann Marie Bissessar

Political Reality, Economic Issues and the Caribbean Economy

Ken Blawatt

"Hard" and "Soft" Technologies Associated with Sport Psychology

Courtney Boxill

Economic Integration in the Caribbean: Results, Stakes and FTA Participation

Juliette Cordette, Alain Maurin

Can the CSME Provide a Basis for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean?

Matthew Harvey

Monetary Integration In Beautiful Places: Prospects for the Caribbean

Lester Henry

Harmonization and Integration Issues Posed by Data sets of Diverse Origins: the case of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy

Linda Hewitt

A Critique of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) With special reference to the European Court of Justice

Victor Jordan

The Caribbean Court Of Justice: Some Aspects of its Original Jurisdiction

Cuthbert Joseph

Marriage, Migration and Labour Market: A Case Study of a Slum Area in Delhi (India)

Seema Joshi

Withering in the Heat? In Search of the Regulatory State in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Martin Lodge, Lindsay Stirton

Is a Monetary Union in CARICOM Desirable?

Olivier Manioc, Jean-Gabriel Montauban

The Electronic Dimension of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy

Deborah Moore-Miggins

Cultural Values and the CSME

Betty Jane Punnett, Emily Dick-Forde, Justin Robinson

Emigration of Nurses from the Caribbean: Causes and Consequences For Socio-Economic Welfare - The Case of Trinidad and Tobago

Karoline Schmid

Harmonization of Data: Lessons to be Learnt from Major International Organizations

Chandra Sitahal-Aleong, John Aleong

The Role of Competition Policy in Regional Integration: The Case of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy

Taimoon Stewart

Perceptions and Opinions of Jamaicans On CARICOM Single Market and Economy

Jimmy Tindigarukayo

Cross-national Social Citizenship in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy

Kathleen Valtonen

An Examination of the Institutional Arrangements for Disaster Management in Jamaica and CARICOM: A Case Study on The Socio-Economic Impact of Floods in Jamaica

Deneal Marchell Walters

Removal of Restrictions to the Free Movement of Services, Persons and Capital in CARICOM Member States

Noel Watson

Freedom of Movement: The Cornerstone of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy

Peter W. Wickham, Carlos Wharton, Dave Marshall, Hilda Darlington-Weekes

The Carrot or the Big Stick? A Game-Theoretic Approach to the Integration of Environmental Policy in CARICOM

Sonja Sabita Teelucksingh

The Social Bases for Exclusion of Sport from Caribbean Economic Development

Roy Mc Cree

The Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME): Effects on the Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Jonathan Lashley

The CSME and the Risk of Economic Polarisation

Jason Jackson

Rethinking Social Statistical Systems in Response to CSME: Implications for CARICOM Countries

Godfrey St. Bernard