Recent Conferences

Governance in the Contemporary Caribbean -The Way Forward


14-16 March 2001


To focus on important issues on policy making agendas in the Caribbean which could lead to "Good Governance" throughout the region.

Target Group

Academics, Public and Private Sector Professionals


SALISES UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Lead Facilitators

Professor Selwyn Ryan, Dr Godfrey St. Bernard, Dr Taimoon Stewart, Mr Roy Mc Cree



Asymmetries of Power: Getting Real About Offshore Financial Centres and Global Financial Governance

Dr Don Marshall

Regional and International Integration and Modes of Governance: The Caribbean Case

Vaughan A. Lewis

The Caribbean and Changing Multilateral Governance in the Global Political Economy

Tyrone Ferguson

Developing Countries and the Jurisprudence of the WTO

Kusha Haraksingh

Extending the Boundaries of WTO Governance by Means of the Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Issues for Developing Countries

Lucy Eugene

Health Sector Reform in a Globalized World Environment

Karl Theodore

The Caribbean Court of Justice

Selwyn Ryan

Constitutional Interpretation and Presidential Powers: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago

Hamid A. Ghany

State Democracy and Governance in Multi-Ethnic Societies: The Case of Suriname

Jack Menke

An Equal Opportunity Commission and the Governance of Plural Society

Ann Marie Bissessar

Executive Agencies and Changing Notions of Public Accountability: The Jamaican Experience

Philip D. Osei

Educational Governance in an Era of Globalisation

Meagan Sylvester

Participatory/Grassroots Democracy in the Caribbean: Prospects and Challenges for Facilitating Governance

Bishnu Ragoonath

Public Participation in Local Government in Jamaica

Jimmy Tindigarukayo

The Human Rights / Governance Nexus in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Anselm Francis

Strategies for Improving the Economic Performance of Development Programmes and Projects in the Public Sector

Azad N. Hosein

Governance Issues Related to the Implementation of the CARICOM Competition Policy

Taimoon Stewart

Governance in the Economy: Transparency in Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Trinidad and Tobago: An Assessment

Penelope Forde

Collaborative Arrangements, Decision-Making and Governance in Cross-Border Business Relationships: A Caribbean Perspective

Siegfried Gudergan

Managing the Global Economy -The Implications of International Accounting Standards for CARICOM States

Anthony R. Bowrin

The Potential Impact of Digital Money on the Stability of Emerging Economies

Mary K. King

Strategy and Scope: What Remains of the Role of the State in Agriculture in the Context of the New Liberal Trade Order

Patricia Northover

Key Economic and Politico Institutional Elements of Modern Interventionism: A Synopsis

Nikolaos Karagiannis

Accrediting Business Education Programmes in Trinidad & Tobago

Roland G. Baptiste

Governance, Industrial Policy and the New Global Economy

Keith Nurse

The Question of Governance in the Privatisation of Infrastructure

Hilton A. Mc David, D.Sc.

Co-operation: The Social Capital for Consensus Building, Organisational Effectiveness and Economic Democracy

Peter Adrien

Proposed Strategies to Reduce CRIME in Barbados

David Achahfuo Yeboah

Assessing the Impact of Criminal Deportees on Governance in the Contemporary Caribbean

Clifford E. Griffin

Work and Family: An Examination of Selected Risk Factors that Contribute to Violent Behavior in Contemporary Trinidad and Tobago

Lionel Remy

The Organisation of Responses to Domestic Violence in Trinidad and Tobago: A Review in Search of the Way Forward

Jennifer Holder-Dolly

The Research -Driven Approach as an Imperative in Youth Programme Development

Richard Carter

Embracing Agendas and Collaborative Engagements: Shaping the Future for Youth

Ernest Hilaire

Evaluation Strategies for Youth Development Programmes: Operationalizing the Institutional Domain

Godfrey St. Bernard

Policy for Youth Re-Integration into Society After Residential Care

Innette Cambridge