The UWI Sport Information Resource Centre (UWISIRC)

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The UWI Sport Information Resource Centre (UWISIRC) is a joint initiative of The University of the West Indies Sport & Physical Education Centre and the Commonwealth Sport Development Program.


The objective of the UWISIRC is to establish a physical and conceptual presence where the Trinidad and Tobago sports community can access a broad array of sport-related information and resource materials. Further, it is desired that this centre be a multi-disciplinary and inclusive location that facilitates cooperation and partnerships between Trinidad and Tobago sporting and health agencies, departments, clubs, institutions and related partners.


UWISIRC’s goals of the centre include easy and centralized access to sport-related resource material, expert advice, user assistance, and the facilitation of inter-agency co-operation for further sport development in Trinidad and Tobago. Examples of centre information resources include:

  • Catalogued sport reference material (books, manuals, journals, videos, etc.)
  • Electronic information system (Internet access to catalogued sport reference material and sport information databases, etc.)

With the participation of various partner agencies, including at this point The University of the West Indies Sport and Physical Education Centre and the Commonwealth Sport Development Program, it is desired that the UWISIRC develop into the principal sport information resource in Trinidad & Tobago for the development, nurturing and advancement of sport and related studies.

The UWISIRC is intended for use by the entire Trinidad and Tobago sports community. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Coaches and Athletes
  • Sport Administrators
  • Physical Educators
  • Health Educators
  • Sport Medical Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Students and Researchers


Program Design

After consultation with the various future users of the centre (see Appendix 1) through meetings, questionnaires, expert input and an existing resource inventory, an assessment was made that there is a need in Trinidad and Tobago for an integrated approach to sport development as it pertains to resource material. An inclusive strategy attempts to acquire a broad array of sport-related research documentation and practical resource material. Sport-related disciplines and information that the centre will eventually cover include, but is not limited to:

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Biomechanics of Sport
  • Coaching Science
  • Facility Management
  • Health Education
  • Motor- Learning
  • Officiating
  • Olympic Movement
  • Physiology of Sport
  • Primary School Physical Education
  • Secondary School Physical Education
  • Sports Psychology & Mental Training
  • Sport and the Law
  • Sport for People with a Disability
  • Sport Governing Bodies
  • Sport History
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Policy and Administration
  • Sport Sociology
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports and General Nutrition
  • Sport and Volunteerism
  • Sport as Recreation
  • Women and Sport


Degree Programs

Management Studies

B.Sc. Sports Management Major (Evening University)
BSc. Sport Management Minor

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