November 2012

Fr. Harvey craved the indulgence of the company. He noted that when he was first invited to accept the honorary doctorate, he had indicated to the University Registrar that he would need a large mortar board. On the previous evening, a fellow honorary graduand told him that she had had difficulty getting a good fit. His late mother used to tell him in her final years, while stroking his large head, that she was fortunate that he was born two months premature. If he had come to term, she might have died. Fr. Harvey said that, in the early hours of the graduation morning, he awoke very uneasy about the possibility of a mortar board disaster. He decided that he would bring along the only cap which ever fit him properly – a “rasta” cap. He told the company that the mortar board made him feel that he would be speaking from a compressed cranium. He removed the mortar board and donned the rasta cap, much to the delight of the graduates. He invited the Chancellor to substitute such a cap for the mortar board and so complete the University’s Caribbean identity. Click here for the full text of his address in this special Graduation issue with photos by Benedict Cupid.

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UWI Calendar November 2012 - April 2013

Visual Arts Studio Sale & Exhibition
Department of Creative and Festival Arts
Gordon St, St. Augustine
Light Falling on Bamboo
November 28, 2012
UWI St Augustine
Pathways of Autonomy
29 November
UWI St. Augustine
13 January, 2013
Noon to 8pm
Health Care Quality and Delivery
17-19 January, 2013
Hyatt Regency Trinidad
Distinguished Lecture - Dr Jamil Salmi
24 January, 2013
UWI St. Augustine
The Legacy Continues
January 30, 2013
The Pierre Hotel – NYC
World of Work 2013
24th & 31st January
UWI St Augustine
Advancing Education
April 23-25, 2013
St. Augustine Campus, UWI

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