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Volume 5 Issue 1: Climate Change: A Borderless Crisis Impacting Health and Development

This issue of the UWI-HEU Impact Bulletin, Climate Change: A Borderless Crisis Impacting Health and Development, focuses on the impact of climate change on the health and economies in the Caribbean.  It also provides innovative strategies to mitigate these effects including the involvement of civil society and communities at the center of these innovations.

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Volume 4 Issue 1: Vulnerability: Impetus to Change

This issue of the UWI-HEU Bulletin, Vulnerability: Impetus to Change, covers the work done on the Elderly during the pandemic. It also takes an analytical step back at the drivers of vulnerability, with a view towards addressing the root causes behind the drivers of vulnerability.



Volume 3 Issue 1: Consumption Matters

This edition of IMPACT is themed Consumption Matters and explores these issues through research findings and editorials from research partners in economics, health, agriculture, animal and environmental sciences.



Special Edition Volume 2 Issue 2 : Building and Adapting in the face of COVID-19

It is our pleasure to share the second edition of HEU’s Bi-Annual Bulletin for 2020. This publication is based on the theme Resilience and explores key areas that should be considered in the regional recovery response to the pandemic.

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Special Edition Volume 2 Issue 1 : Exploring the Socioeconomic Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

This Special Edition Bulletin contributes to the dialogue on the COVID-19 pandemic by highlighting some of its multi-dimensional impacts in the Region including: (1) the macroeconomic implications and the outlook for economies; (2) the hidden mental toll at the community and individual levels and (3) the widened social gaps created by the outbreak.

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1st Edition: UWI-HEU Bulletin

This First Edition of the Bulletin highlights the results of the HEU’s work undertaken in collaboration with the World Bank aimed at investigating the impact of Taxation on Tobacco Use in Trinidad and Tobago and selected countries in the OECS.  The publication also explores the link between tobacco use and increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases in the Caribbean.

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