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Caribbean Conferences on National Health Financing Initiatives

CCNHFI Background 

Guided by the principles of Universal Health Coverage, all countries now fully recognise that good health is both a critical input to and outcome of individual, community and national development. To optimize health inputs and outcomes, governments and civil society groups have crucial roles to systematically support, supplement and sustain actions in financing, delivery and regulations of health services. From the evidence, there is much variability in capabilities, competence and performance of Caribbean countries in securing UHC in terms of providing and managing the financial resources for executing these health functions-actions.

Motivated by these concerns and at the request of some governments, Heads of Caribbean Social Security Organisations meeting in Belize City (2005) sought to establish a Caribbean-wide forum for discussing approaches, challenges and lessons learnt in addressing various aspects of national health financing, such as:-

  • universal health access;
  • raising revenue and spending efficiently;
  • managing costs and the drivers of health costs;
  • providing financial protection to avoid catastrophic health spending;
  • maximizing public-private opportunities;
  • negotiating overseas health care choices;
  • designing and using ICT applications;
  • limiting health fraud and abuse; and
  • value-based health care and performance-based payments in health financing plans.

As such, these Health Financing Conferences have been organized to share knowledge, test ideas, identify best practices and develop regional networks of institutions and experts for ongoing collaboration. The overall objective is to enhance institutional capacity to make the right choices in a dynamic socio-economic environment for advancing health financing solutions, health and welfare in the Caribbean.



Health Financing in the Caribbean: Optimizing Efficiency in Governance and Public-Private Partnerships.  See more

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To view the 15th CCNHFI brochure click here



Confronting the Financing Challenges of COVID-19 and the Unfinished Universal Health Coverage Agenda.  See more

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Fiscal Space and Sustainability in Caribbean Health Financing. See more. 




 ‘Health Financing: Strategic Management, Spending Wisely-2’ with particular attention to chronic diseases, hospital, pharmaceutical and catastrophic care. See more. 




‘Health Financing—Spending Wisely and Value for Money Imperatives’. See more. 




Health Financing--Preparing for the Next Decade, 2015-2025. 




The 9th Conference has three (3) key objectives:
1. To continue examination of the performance, challenges and strategies in financing and administration of National Health Care Programs by Caribbean Social Security and Health Financing Organisations;
2. To focus attention on Results-based Financing of Managing Chronic Diseases as well as Efficiency Imperatives in Health Programs; and
3. To identify areas and opportunities for closer collaboration among Caribbean Social Security and Health Financing Organisations in tackling health financing concerns. See more. 

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