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Youth Economic Forum

The Youth Economic Forum (YEF) was birthed in 2019 and is a collaborative initiative of the Department  of Economics, the HEU, Centre for Health Economics and the Economics Society of The UWI, St  Augustine. 

The primary aim of the Forum is to create a platform for dialogue among young Caribbean economists on  regional issues and progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations  (UN). It is hoped that this dialogue could strengthen youth involvement in policy making and bridge the  gap between current thinking and perspectives in view of the SDGs. The overarching theme of the YEF is  “Bridging the Gap To 2030: The Future We Want”. 

It is expected that the Forum shall: 

1. Create a network among current students and graduates of the Department of Economics and technocrats  working in areas of economic and social importance; and  

2. Create a solutions-oriented culture among the economics students and by extension the wider University  in addressing regional challenges. 

The target audience for the Forum comprises undergraduate and post graduate students, recent graduates of  the Department of Economics, The University of the West Indies, lecturers, government and NGO Officials  and other professionals.  


May 2020 

Bridging the Gap to 2030: The Future We Want: Youth Perspective on COVID-19

A collaborative effort of the Department of Economics, HEU, Centre for Health Economics and the Economics Society of The University of the West Indies.

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November 2019 

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