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Working Groups

The self-study working groups have been convened to ensure that the Campus fulfils the key criteria set by the ACTT for assessing institutional quality. In addition, the Campus has added a criterion relating to graduate studies research, innovation and entrepreneurship which is of particular importance to The UWI. Six working groups have, therefore, been tasked with the responsibility for addressing institutional accreditation criteria in the following core areas:
  • Mission and Purpose
  • Governance and Administration
  • Teaching and Learning  
  • Preparedness for Change
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement
  • Graduate Studies Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Working Group 1

Criterion 1 Mission & Purpose: The institution’s mission and purpose are appropriate to tertiary education and consistent with the policies and practices that guide its operations.

Working Group Chair: Professor Jonas Addae

Working Group Members:      
Mrs. Deborah Souza-Okpofabri
Ms. Allison Dolland                  
Ms. Charmain Subero
Ms. Jo-Ann Georges                            
Mr. Sharan Singh
Mrs. Wynell Gregorio                            
Mr. Stephen Sheppard
Representative of the Guild of Students

Working Group 2

Criterion 2 Governance & Administration: The institution’s system of governance ensures ethical decision making and efficient provision of human, material and financial resources to effectively accomplish its educational and other purposes.

Working Group Chair: Mr. Richard Saunders               

Working Group Members:      
Professor Indar Ramnarine
Ms. Jessie-Ann George                        
Mr. Stephen Sheppard
Mrs. Simone Roberts                          
Mrs. Deborah Souza-Okpofabri
Mrs Chandra Katwaroo-Ali
Representative of the Guild of Students -Mr Darrion Narine

Working Group 3

Criterion 3 Teaching & Learning: The institution provides evidence of student learning outcomes and faculty effectiveness in achieving its educational purpose and demonstrates the capability to continue to do so.

Working Group Chair: Dr. Margo Burns                      

Working Group Members:      
Dr. Susan Herbert
Dr. Keisha Valdez (up to Dec, 31 2016)
Dr Bidyadhar Sa,
Dr Mary Alkins-Koo                                          
Mrs. Ernesta Greenidge
Dr Deirdre Charles                                            
Dr Gabrielle Hezekiah
Dr. Kim Mallalieu                                              
Ms. Nardia Thomas-Allain
Dr. Michael Sutherland 

Working Group 4 

Criterion 4 - Preparedness for Change: The institution’s human, material and financial resources are strategically allocated and employed to respond to the social and economic demands of a rapidly changing global society.

Working Group Chair: Mr. Sharan C. Singh

Working Group Members:                                          
Professor Kit Fai Pun
Professor Paula Morgan                      
Mr. Stephen Sheppard
Mrs. Reanti Singh 

Working Group 5

Criterion 5 - Commitment to Continuous Improvement: The institution monitors, reviews and improves it Quality Management System through effective planning and evaluation, sustained effort and commitment to quality.

Working Group Chair: Dr. Sandra Gift

Working Group Members:                             
Dr Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw
Mrs. Reanti Singh                                            
Dr. Dianne Thurab-Nkhosi
Mr. Kristen Cockburn                          
Dr. Brian Cockburn provided support
Ms. Stephanie Benjamin provided support

Working Group 6 

Criterion 6 - Graduate Studies, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Working Group Chair: Professor Patricia Mohammed  

Working Group Members:                             
Professor Stephan Gift
Professor Ann Marie Bissessar              
Mrs. Angela Escalante
Professor Jayaraj Jayaraman                
Professor Pathmanathan Umaharan
Professor Kit Fai Pun                            
Dr. Margaret Bernard
Mr. Seon Raymond                                           ­
Ms. Tennille Fanovich

Members of Self-Study Steering Committee

Chair: Dr. Sandra Gift
Mr Kristen Cockburn    
Professor Jonas Addae                          
Mr Nazir Alladin            
Professor John Agard                            
Dr Margo Burns
Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine        
Dr Heather Cateau
Professor Ann Marie Bissessar              
Mrs Debra Coryat-Patton                                  
Ms. Jo-Ann Georges                            
Ms Simone Roberts
Mrs Reanti Singh                                              
Professor Stephan Gift
Dr Wayne Ganpat                                              
Mrs Ernesta Greenidge
Mrs Wynell Gregorio                              
Mr Suresh Maharaj
Ms Sonia Nurse                                    
Dr Diane Thurab-Nkhosi                        
Professor Indar Ramnarine                    
Dr Bidyahar Sa                                      
Mr Sharan Singh                                              
Mr Frank Soodeen
Mrs Debra Souza-Okpofabri                  
Professor Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw

Research Team

Dr. Reynold Stone                                            
Dr Dylan Kerrigan
Mrs. Reanti Singh                                            
Dr. Bidyahar Sa
Dr. Robin Antoine                                            
Dr. Brian Cockburn


Campus Self- Study Editorial Committee

Professor Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw- Chair                
Dr. Sandra Gift
Professor Jonas Addae                                                
Professor Paula Morgan
Ms. Allison Dolland                                                                  
Dr. Dianne Thurab-Nkhosi                    
Ms. Jo-Ann Georges                                        

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