Call for Abstracts

Conference Themes

  • The Theories Associated with Hydrocarbon Rich Economies
  • Economics of Hydrocarbon Revenue Management
  • Regulatory Regime in Hydrocarbon Based Economies
  • Hydrocarbon Fiscal Regime
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Macroeconomic Challenges
  • Environmental and Socio Political Challenges
  • The Imperative of Economic Diversification

Detailed conference Themes – Printable Version


  • Deadline date for submission of abstracts: Friday 6th April 2012
  • Deadline date for the submission of papers: Friday 1st June 2012
  • Deadline date for submission of presentations for conference: Monday 11th June 2012

Method of Selection and Notice to Presenters

  • A Panel will review all submissions and make the final selection of abstracts.
  • Selection will be based on criteria such as relevance to the Conference theme, applicability to the T&T economy and likelihood to be published. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants would be notified via e-mail no later than 16th April 2012.
  • Upon notification of acceptance of abstract, presenters will be required to submit the completed paper and PowerPoint presentation by the dates shown above.
  • All papers accepted will be considered for publication in the Conference Proceedings.

Abstract Guidelines

  • All Abstracts should be submitted in English
  • Abstracts should be limited to 250 words;
  • Abstracts should indicate the conference theme under which it is being submitted.
  • Names of all the authors and the contact information of the lead author should be indicated.
  • Abstracts should detail the aims, methodology and findings
  • All abstracts and papers should be submitted to

Paper Guidelines

  • All Papers should be submitted in English
  • Title page must contain the full title; the affiliation and address of all author(s) as well as the name and full postal address of the author who would be responsible for correspondence and correcting of proofs.
  • Papers are to be submitted in headed sections and be no more than 30 pages in length types in 12pt font with double line spacing and 2cm margin, inclusive of all charts, tables, references and appendices.
  • Tables and Figures should be included in the body of the text with short titles, sources of information. Tables and figures should be formatted in black and white.
  • Equations formatting of formulae in terms of type size, aligned and brackets etc should be used consistently throughout the document.
  • Short quotation should be enclosed in quotation marks and incorporated in the text. Longer quotations (more than 50 words) should be indented from both margins with no quotation marks. (all double spaced).
  • References are to be cited using the author date system.
  • All papers accepted would be considered for publication.