Feature Speaker - Professor Richard Auty - Professor Emeritus of Economic Geography at Lancaster University


Richard Auty 1


Richard Auty is Professor Emeritus of Economic Geography at Lancaster University. He has advised many multi- and bilateral agencies on economic development issues, including the World Bank, EBRD, UNCTAD, IUCN, DFID, the US State Department, the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Korean Institute for Economics and International Trade. His research interests include resource-driven development, industrial policy and the political economy of economic development. His books include: ‘Energy Wealth and Governance in the Caucasus and Central Asia’, (2006, Routledge); ‘Resource Abundance and Economic Development’, (2004, Oxford University Press); ‘Sustainable Development in Mineral Economies’ (1998, Oxford University Press, with R.F. Mikesell); ‘Patterns of Development: Resource Endowment, Development Policy and Economic Growth’, (1995, Edward Arnold); and ‘Sustaining Development in Mineral Economies: The Resource Curse Thesis’ (1993, Routledge); and ‘Resource-Based Industrialization: Sowing the Oil in Eight Developing Countries’ (1990, Clarendon Press).