Small hydrocarbon rich exporting economies are typically faced with peculiar challenges in the context of revenue management. Even so, the literature suggests that very few developing economies, which have a rich hydrocarbon endowment, achieve success in terms of sustainable development and poverty reduction. No doubt hydrocarbon revenues can, in principle provide the resources necessary to achieve these goals. However, mineral wealth and in particular oil wealth, has been regarded more as a curse than a blessing.


It is in this context that the Trade and Economic Development Unit a research cluster in the Department of Economics UWI, St Augustine will be hosting the conference on Revenue Management in Hydrocarbon Economies on June 20th-22nd, 2012. Indeed we must move away from a mere diagnosis of the situation to the development of principles, measures and techniques to improve revenue management practices in the future. This conference addresses some of these critical success factors within the context of revenue management.


The conference will accommodate an audience of approximately 300 persons inclusive of presenters. The target audience are persons belonging to the respective categories:

  1. Experts in Energy Industry
  2. Government Ministries
  3. Business Community
  4. Students and Staff of Tertiary Level educational Institutions
  5. Regional Corporations and local community based organizations



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