The DAOC's professional development-centric module-based or customized/tailor-made workshop teaching programmes, which are held over several days either on-campus or off-site, guide participants in honing their diplomatic capabilities. They impart the knowledge, essential (especially soft) skills, insights and networks needed of 'global thinkers' to fast-track a career path and drive greater success in the multi-focal profession of diplomacy.

 The teaching programmes are interactive and, on an as-needs basis, they draw on a range of subject and area experts. While the programmes are situated in an academic or disciplinary context, the approach to teaching is analytical. It is practice- and teamwork-oriented via techniques such as the use of real-world case studies, peer mentoring and, on a case-by-case basis, study visits, among others. The means of action are four-fold: (i) innovative and experiential sharing and learning; (ii) simulations and advanced training methods; (iii) networking with superior local, regional and international expertise; and (iv) outreach beyond the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

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