Dr. Natalie Dietrich Jones 


Against the tide? A socio-legal review of Caribbean SIDS’(non-) ratification of and (non-) compliance with international agreements on migrants and refugees
In Routledge Handbook of Governance in Small States
Edited by Lino Briguglio, Jessica Byron, Stefano Moncada, and Wouter Veenendaal.

Routledge, 2021 | Click here for more details and to purchase

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Labouring on the Border of Inclusion/Exclusion: Undocumented CARICOM Migrants in the Barbadian Economy.
In Transgression and Reconfiguration of Caribbean Spaces
Edited by Myriam Moïse and Fred Réno.

Springer, 2020 | Click here for more details and to purchase




Ms. Gail Guy

Heads of Mission: A Handbook 

heads of missions.jpg

Dennis Francis (Co Author), Lenore S Dorset (Co Author)

Xlibris US, 2017 | Click here for more details and to purchase


Ms. Rueanna Haynes 

Climate change and Human Rights in the Commonwealth Caribbean: case studies of The Bahamas and Trinidad & Tobago, by Lisa Benjamin and Rueanna Haynes, published in the Routledge Handbook of Human Rights and Climate Change, Duyck, S. (Ed.), Jodoin, S. (Ed.), Johl, A. (Ed.). (2018). Routledge Handbook of Human Rights and Climate Governance. London: Routledge

An ‘Islands’ COP’? Loss and damage at COP23, by Lisa Benjamin, Adellle Thomas and Rueanna Haynes, Volume 27 Issue 3, Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law 2018

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change: A Commentary

Edited by Geert Van Calster, University of Leuven, Belgium and practising member of the Belgian Bar and Leonie Reins, Assistant Professor, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78897 918 4 Extent: 480 pp


Dr. Emily Wilkinson

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