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The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean is the Caribbean's premier professional development-oriented diplomatic studies training centre. The Diplomatic Academy is an integral part of The University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus and the Campus' renowned Institute of International Relations (IIR), which was established in 1966 by agreement between the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Government of Switzerland.

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Who We Are


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The Diplomatic Academy aims to provide high-quality, immersive learning and short-term, hands-on practical training in modern diplomacy education.

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Outreach Activities

The DAOC facilitates public debate among stakeholders who share an interest in Caribbean diplomacy and the conduct of international relations.

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    "In my view the DAOC training course in Understanding International Sanctions: Implications for the Caribbean, succeeded in the mission established in the course name- it provided me with a better understanding of a complicated and multifaceted political tool that impacts state and other stakeholder relations.  From understanding the objectives, challenges and impact of sanctions at  the micro level of targeted individuals or entities (private sector or other) to the macro level of nation states, regions and the global community, the course material was extremely relevant to my work. The combination of learning from experienced and highly qualified academics and practitioners and fellow students from myriad backgrounds, granted me a rich introduction to the 'sanctions cycle' -design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I look forward to applying this understanding to the exercise of my profession and to meeting the course professors and colleague students again for an equally rich and rewarding follow up course! "

                Tricia Barrow

    Political Advisor

    Association of Caribbean States

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    “The training module was an enriching and valuable experience. It was engaging, well organised, and clearly presented. The facilitator created a safe and comfortable environment for all participants and presented the course material in a manner that was easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend this course because the knowledge and skills gained can be applied to personal and professional settings”

    Sherian Bachan
    M.Sc Global Studies
    Institute of International Relations
    University of the West Indies 
    St Augustine Campus 

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    “A well-executed, intense course that allowed for active participation and hands-on learning. I was amazed as to how quickly I was able to see the improvement in my oral communication skills. The meaningful and spot-on feedback from the facilitator ensured that as high level professionals, we were well equipped with the communication skills needed in our line of work. I will not trade this experience for anything!” 

    Valene Streete-Victor
    Administrative Officer
    Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.



    “The training module was excellent, providing solid guidance on executing corporate, official and State functions in an appropriate and professional manner. The facilitators were knowledgeable and thorough. I benefited greatly from their insights on how to pivot seamlessly in the face of difficult situations. I was especially pleased to receive this training within a Carib-bean context. I must also add that the staff of the DAOC Secretariat were extremely helpful and accommodating, making my experience as an overseas participant a very pleasant one.”


    Yajaira Archibald
    Communications Consultant
    Inter-American Development Bank


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    "A memorable experience…This training module was professionally designed and the experienced trainers presented the course material in a very engaging atmosphere. The various group activities placed personnel from varied backgrounds together. This allowed for an exchange of dynamic viewpoints and ideas. I certainly enjoyed this training module. The know-ledge, information and skills learnt will aid me throughout my professional career."


    Mr. Rodel Bradshaw
    Administrator of Records Department
    Regiment Headquarters
    Trinidad and Tobago Regiment

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