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The DAOC's teaching programmes are best suited for junior to mid-career professionals from the circum-Caribbean, who work for government, business and civil society organizations, as well as international organizations.

The Diplomatic Academy's multi-rung or three-tiered study track offers high-quality, immersive learning and short-term, hands-on practical training in modern diplomacy education, as a complement to formal training and on-the-job training in that area. Its professional development-centric module-based or customized/tailor-made workshop teaching programmes, which are held over several days, guide partici-pants in honing their diplomatic capabilities. They impart the knowledge, essential (especially soft) skills, insights and networks needed of 'global thinkers' to fast-track a career path and drive greater success in the multi-focal profession of diplomacy.

The teaching programmes are interactive and, while they are situated in an academic or disciplinary context, the approach to teaching is analytical. It is practice and teamwork-oriented via techniques such as the use of real-world case studies, peer mentoring and, on a case-by-case basis, study visits, among others. The means of action are four-fold:
i. innovative and experiential sharing and learning;
ii. simulations and advanced training methods;
iii. networking with superior local, regional and international expertise; and
iv. outreach beyond the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Depending on the target audience's teaching delivery preference, programmes can be undertaken on-campus or arrangements can also be made for the Academy's team to deliver same off-site. Use of distance technology in some future programmes may be possible, although face-to-face interaction is invaluable. The language of instruction is English.
Upon the successful completion of its training, participants are conferred with a DAOC credential.

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