Co-Curricular Credit

The UWI's DISCOVER series is part of the Global Citizenship Initiative co-curricular course.

The Global Citizenship Initiative course promotes internationalization at the St. Augustine Campus and fosters a spirit of global citizenship amongst students to produce an ideal graduate who thinks globally while acting locally. The course is designed for all categories of students at all levels (Year 1, 2, 3) in their programmes.

Course Aims

This course aims to: global citizen

  • Foster a spirit of global citizenship amongst students through exposure to, and immersion in, all aspects of a foreign culture that will raise awareness of current trends and issues affecting emerging world powers. Students will cultivate respect and appreciation for diversity and be prepared to engage in a globalized world with fundamental knowledge of the cultural, political, social, technological and environmental aspects of the country.
  • Improve familiarity with the geographical variations, and sensitivity to the cultural diversity, of the destination countries. Students will understand the development that has taken place (economic, urbanization) along with the changing work culture and environment. Students will also learn about the factors that contributed to the BRICS' countries survival during the global economic and financial meltdown.
  • Complement and add value to students’ classroom experience in areas that will allow them to develop important life skills and thus contribute to their all-round development. The cultural immersion and exchange provided in the study tours will not only enrich students' educational experience, but propel them to become proactive members of society and develop new approaches to everyday situations that affect them and their communities.
  • Enhance basic language acquisition skills through the orientation programme, learning materials and practice in the destination country.


Teaching/Learning Methods

Lectures, field trips, elementary language training, interactive reflection sessions.


  • Daily journal of experiences and observations (45%)
  • Final report (30%)
  • Interactive participation and reflection in the evenings or while in travel (25%)

The Global Citizenship Initiative is before the Academic Board for full co-curricular status. Once approved, students who participate in any of the DISCOVER tours can also register for the Global Citizenship Initiative co-curricular course for credit. We expect this to be in place for 2014.

Please contact the International Office for updates on co-curricular credit.