Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a study tour?

A study tour is the guided exploration of a new country with specific learning objectives. The UWI’s study tours are developed around academic, cultural and social activities and often involve close collaboration with higher education institutions in the destination country. They are led by an Academic Coordinator and a Study Tour Coordinator. Study tours are positive and impactful experiences that provide important personal, professional and cultural development.

Study tours should not be confused with party trips, relaxing vacations or convenient opportunities to visit family and friends. Study tour itineraries can be intense but are very fulfilling.

The UWI’s study tours are open to students, staff and faculty of The UWI (all campuses) and of all regional higher education institutions. Alumni of The UWI are also welcome to apply. Finally, members of the public who are active in fields related to the study tour themes are also invited to apply to join a study tour.

Yes. Study tours are open to participants that are not citizens or residents of Trinidad and Tobago. However, prices may vary according to international travel routes.

Each participant must have a valid passport* to apply for a study tour. Further immigration and visa requirements will vary from destination to destination; for instance, you may need to get certain vaccinations for diseases that are unique to some regions. The Study Tour Coordinator will liaise with you once your application has been received to help facilitate the process and ensure that all requirements are met.  

Faculty and staff of The UWI, St. Augustine campus, are entitled to study and travel grants or institutional visit allowances that they can access to help finance The UWI's DISCOVER series. Financing options are also available through Republic Bank, the UWI Credit Union and Venture Credit Union. Please contact the International Office for more information.

You must indicate that you would like to register for co-curricular credit on The UWI's DISCOVER series 2014/2015 Application Form. When complete payment has been submitted, the Study Tour Coordinator will have the student manually registered for the Global Citizenship Initiative co-curricular course. Registration must be done manually, on a per study tour and per student basis, because the DISCOVER series does not coincide with the academic calendar and standard registration deadlines.

The Academic Coordinator is very important in a study tour because he/she provides educational leadership and support for the group. The Academic Coordinator gives lectures on tours to provide historical context and offers insight into the cultural development of the destination country. He/she also often liaises with the in-country educators and universities. 

The Study Tour Coordinator is specifically assigned to the care of the participants. This includes managing all trip logistics from departure to return, providing basic medical supplies and offering advice or assistance as required throughout the trip. The separation of roles between the Academic Coordinator and the Study Tour Coordinator ensure that learning objectives and personal experience are both satisfied.

Study tours are not physically intense or exhausting. However, your trip may include multiple flights, long rides in a coach, and long walks, sometimes uphill. Participants are also responsible for their luggage at all times, which can be challenging, especially when embarking/disembarking trains.

Presently, The UWI’s DISCOVER series is the primary study tour programme offered. However, The UWI, St. Augustine campus will continue to add programmes according to the cultural and economic environment and regional need.

* - Your passport should be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the tour date.