The International Office of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, began offering study tours in 2012 with the launch of The UWI’s DISCOVER series.

The objectives of The UWI’s study tours are:

  • To provide opportunities for students to enhance their studies in areas that will allow them to develop important life skills that will not only enrich their educational experience, but propel them to become invested members of society.
  • To foster a spirit of global citizenship among the university population through exposure to, and immersion in, all aspects of a foreign culture. This will cultivate respect and appreciation for diversity and prepare participants to engage in a globalized world with fundamental knowledge of the cultural, political, social, geographical, technological and environmental aspects of the destination country.
  • To introduce and enhance basic language acquisition skills and cultural competence in the local population.

Programme Summary

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

The most rapidly developing economies of the world.

Though the internal politics and economies among the BRICS countries can be quite dissimilar, each country boasts distinct cultural and linguistic traditions, modern industrial sectors and, most significantly, large, fast-developing economies.

The UWI’s DISCOVER series provides the opportunity to explore the most dynamic and increasingly influential countries in the world.

Before departure, participants must attend three (3) pre-departure orientation sessions to learn about the country’s history, language, culture and economic systems; clothing and personal items required; precautions; and the daily itinerary.

Once in the country, study tour activities will have academic, cultural and social themes, led by an Academic Coordinator. The International Office will also provide a Study Tour Coordinator who will be responsible for travel logistics and around-the-clock assistance.

Upon conclusion of the study tour, participants will be required to complete an in-depth questionaire about the study tour. Participants will also attend a feedback session in which they can share the impact of the experience as well as make recommendations for the series.

In 2014, The UWI’s DISCOVER series will explore Brazil, India and South Africa.