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Undergraduate Study

The Department of Food Production (DFP) offers a three year BSc Agriculture degree and majors in Agricultural Technology and Tropical Landscaping. The aim of these undergraduate programmes is to offer training of the highest standard in various disciplines of agriculture, agricultural technology and tropical landscaping, with a focus on the acquisition of sound knowledge, relevant competencies and appropriate skills to participating students.

Postgraduate Study

Currently the UWI STA Department of Food Production offers four (4)  diverse and dynamic MSc programmes in the areas of Crop Science, Animal Science and Soil Science and Food Safety and Quality Assurance. These programmes are tailored to address key regional issues such as food and nutrition security, competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector, and environmental management, 

The Department also offers MPhil and PhD degrees in the areas of Crop Science, Horticulture, Livestock Science, Food Quality and Safety, Soil Science.

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