Exercise or diet? One of them or both? You can become the expert to guide all of Trinidad and Tobago on how to lead longer and healthier lifestyles. Our range of programmes in Nutritional Sciences gives you the expert knowledge and skills to be that person. Opportunities awaits you as Nutrition Aides, Public Health Nutritionists, and others when you engage the Major in Nutritional Sciences.

If you need to delve deeper in Nutrition, looking towards a more scientific career as a nutrition counsellor, consultant or even a researcher, then the more directed Human Nutrition and Dietetics is your choice.

This exciting programme gives you ideas for food product development, a weight management specialist or a health and nutrition education expert. You can change the health profile of our people, starting with yourself and your family. One directed area in this group of studies, the Minor in Sports Nutrition is an emerging career choice as sport becomes more important in the Caribbean- be the one to advise and direct our athletes to get them to the Olympics!

Studies in Human Nutrition can lead to these exciting Career Opportunities

• Dietary Technician
• Nutrition Counsellor
• Nutrition Consultant
• Food Researcher
• Dietician
• Food and Nutrition Teacher

• Food Product Developer
• Food Journalist
• Food Microbiologist
• Community Outreach Oficer
• Hospital Food Service Director
• Weight Management Specialist
• Sport/Medical Nutritionist
• Nutrient Management Specialist
• Health & Nutrition Education

Programmes Offered:

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