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Dr. Heather Cateau

Welcome to the Faculty of the Humanities and Education. This will be your home in many senses for the next three or four years.   We encourage you to get to know us and we look forward to getting to know you all.  Each year group will leave its own stamp on our Departments, Faculty and indeed, the University.  We encourage you to grow in your chosen discipline(s) as well as to explore some of the many opportunities we provide to gain some insight into new areas.

In our Faculty we all share a way of seeing the world which makes us a family with a gene pool with many variations but bounded together with a unique code.  When you join us, you become part of the creation of dynamic, people-centered, and Caribbean-centric perspectives.  At registration, you are, therefore, signing up for much more than specific courses. It is at this point that you begin to play your own part in making your distinctive contribution to the contemporary Caribbean.  You then add to this  as you grow within your fields every year.

The disciplines in the Faculty of Humanities and Education will be central to dealing with the challenges confronting us in these contemporary times, not only in the areas of policy formulation and research, but also for personal, community and societal development.  We represent the soul of the nation.  I therefore see our Faculty as critical to the future of the Caribbean.  The Faculty of Humanities and Education holds the key to the understanding of our people, culture and heritage. We do this through our music, dance, literature, films, languages, education of the nation and history.  These areas which have been viewed traditionally as “soft” are in fact “hard”.  We often do not realise that they perform the crucial role of building our foundation.   The challenge for the future is for us to take our rightful place in developmental plans. Thus, research in these areas, as well as the critical area of dissemination of findings, must be central to our future development plans.  These are also the areas in which the Caribbean has in the past led the rest of the world, and must do so again in the future. 

We therefore welcome you and we are extremely pleased that you have decided to join us.  You are now part of this legacy and vision.


Dr. Heather Cateau,

Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Education


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