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Welcome all to the Faculty of the Humanities and Education.

This dynamic Faculty provides a unique Caribbean space for creative, intellectual inquiry where students can explore, interrogate, and re-imagine new ways of seeing an ever-changing global landscape. As our students master their subject specializations we encourage them to be independent thinkers, open to new ways of seeing their world. The Faculty’s diverse scholarly activity promotes such discovery; highly trained educators, historians, artists, linguists, writers, cultural critics, filmmakers and many more find a home with us.

Every new cohort faces unique challenges and adventures. I am sure that you all would agree that in the last few years we have collectively lived through unpredictable events that serve to remind us all of how quickly change occurs. As such your ability to adapt to a new environment will be essential. This adaptability will also be beneficial in the transfer of knowledge to your life after academia. Education does not begin or end with certification, it is a continual, never ending process.

In the Faculty of Humanities and Education we understand this underlying principle; it is at the core of our vision to embolden our students to remain life-long learners and future leaders. At the FHE, we train our students to be highly analytical, creative and methodological thinkers. These valuable skills have a critical role to play in discerning principles and patterns in many national, regional and global issues including culture, education, poverty, food security or climate change. There is no doubt that as an FHE graduate you will be able to contribute to change, innovation and progress. Keep discovering, learning, challenging, creating and always stay curious.

The university experience is a special time in your lives, make the most of it, enjoy it, and know that in the FHE we will be here to help you along the way.


Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw (Prof.)


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